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Did you know candle making goes back thousands of years?  

Yes, it has!  They say in 500 BC Romans made true candles by dipping them into tallow, while the Chinese used Whale Fat back in 200 BC.  

Although candlemaking has come a looooooong way I can honestly say It has always been hard to find good candles.  Candles that not only smelled good but  with fragrances that last throughout the life of the candle.  

I've been a crafter since I was kid - so when I realized I could make my own candles I was excited!!   A few of my closest friends made homemade soap and I noticed that they would take the simplest recipe and create many other recipes by tweaking it with other ingredients.  Through trial and error they made amazing homemade bars of soap!  I decided then I would dabble in the world of candle making and see what I could come up with...

In 1997 we set out to make the perfect candle for our home...by 1998 I believed we may have suceeded!  After several hundred tries we finally created what for us seemed like the perfect candle recipe (years later I would revisit this recipe and make it event better).  When friends and neighbors got wind of my special candle we began to sell what we made.  We went on to make and sell all sizes of wick'ed candles and we fulfilled many requests for candle party favors as well.  

In 2008 we began our first venture and opened our first shop to the public.  We had tons of candle parties at the shop and at the homes we were invited to.  Everything was going well until 2010, our area flooded twice within 30 days and was declared a disaster area, we lost almost everything.  Throughout the end of 2010 and all through 2011 we tried to continue but it was hard to replace all of the supplies we had recently purchased as well as all of the equipment we had purchased over the years.  In January 2012 we decided to "close up shop" rest up a bit and see what else the future brought us.  

In 2016 we got our first text saying "Hi, just wanted to let you know I ran out of cubes this week, are you selling candles yet?"   I was shocked so I looked up when this client last made a purchase.  This client made her last purchase from us in 2011 and rationed them for as long as she could!  We had another client who in 2017 also sent me a message with a picture of her empty SoyCharms jar letting me know she was on her last one -  her last purchase was also sometime in 2011!

Since 2015 we had recieved many emails/texts asking when we would start reselling candles, that we were missed and such...but the two messages above were my favorite.

Here we are, 2018 back again, to kick start this journey into full force!!!  

Funny thing, as I was cleaning out what was left of our stuff I had in storage, I found a box of SoyCharm Jars!  I gave them to new friends and asked them to tell me how they were.

Well...20 years later it has been proven, over and over by many of our long time returning customers and now with our new customers, who got a chance to try 6 year old SoyCharms, that our candles are pretty darn good!  They are highly fragrant, long lasting, can definitely take a beating and still keep on smelling great!


About Us
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